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What is a Trigger Point Injection?

A Trigger Point Injection is administered by a licensed practitioner directly into the painful muscle using Bupivacaine and/or Lidocaine and Toradol, which is a injectable anti-inflammatory.  This is an effective pain management treatment for the following:

Trigger Point Injections for Acute/Chronic Muscle Pain

Trigger Point Injections for Muscle Spasms

Trigger Point Injections for Muscle Tightness

Trigger Point Injections for Cervical, Lumbar, and Thoracic Pain

Joint Injections: Thumb, Shoulder, Knee and Hip Bursa Injections All Joints Require The Use of Steroid

Trigger Point Injections for Hip Pain/Spasms or Hip Bursa Injections for Bursitis

Trigger Point Injections for Abdominal Tightness, Pain or Adhesions

Migraine/Headache Issues and Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)/jaw pain

Occipital Blocks for Occipital Neuralgia

Meet Beth Kiehn

Advanced Nurse Practitioner
APN, FNP-BC License #000831

Beth is the founder, President and CEO of Traveling Triggers. She passionately helps all ages to relieve and reduce their pain. Beth has been a board certified licensed nurse practitioner since 2004 and has over 15 years’ experience in offering professional pain management services. She is pleased to offer you pain relief services in the private setting of your choice or at My New Office: 3636 Mayberry Drive Suite 102, Reno, NV 89509.

She is also providing Xeomin for wrinkles and Belotero Balance Filler for under eyes, smile lines and upper lip. Call for free consultation.

She takes advantage of all Reno has to offer by hiking, biking, camping and spending time with her husband Creig. She also enjoys traveling and time with her family.

Beth enjoys her profession by volunteering on the Disability Advisory Committee for the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

If you are having pain and say “OUCH” please call beth to the rescue!

How will Trigger Point Injections Help Me?

Acute or Chronic pain can come from almost any muscle group which is under tension or in spasm for prolonged periods. Trigger point injections are used to break up muscle spasm and pain. Along with other treatments, Trigger Point Injections are used to restore normal muscle function.

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Numerous problems can lead to ongoing muscle tension or spasm. These include an underlying injury, lack of adequate fitness or strength or even emotional distress. Without normal relaxation, muscles will experience diminished blood flow, abnormal metabolism, and mechanical dysfunction. This leads to muscle soreness, stiffness and tender “knots”. These tender areas of muscle are known as Trigger Points. The discomfort this creates is called Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

How are Trigger Point Injections Performed?

Trigger point Injections are performed by a Medical Provider who is experienced with injection procedures. The tender areas are identified by careful palpation. The overlying skin is swabbed with alcohol. A very fine needle is gently inserted into the taut band of tender muscle. The Clinician then injects a small amount of the medication to help cause the muscle to relax. Local anesthetics are often used. If other Trigger Points exist, the process may be repeated as needed to completely reverse the muscle spasm.

What can I expect afterwards?

For most patients, relief is immediate and can last from 1 to 4 weeks. The muscles injected can be sore for several days. This responds well to ice packs, heat, Tylenol or Ibuprofen as needed. Once the muscle pain has been relieved, it is important to continue other treatments to prevent recurrence. This includes Physical Therapy, exercise, stretching, massage, adequate sleep, and reducing overall stress in your life. Some bruising may occur.

Traveling Triggers

Initial Visit Pricing

One Treatment Area
  • Example: Cervical, Thoracic or Lumbar area both sides
Two Treatment Areas
  • Example:
  • Cervical and Thoracic area both sides
Three Treatment Areas
  • Example: Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar area both sides
Four Treatment Areas
  • Example: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar & Hips both sides
Shoulder Bursa Injection
  • (Bilateral $365.00) with steroid
  • Can only be done Every 3 Months
Knee Injection
  • (Bilateral $365.00) with steroid
  • Can only be done Every 3 Months
Thumb Injection
  • (Bilateral $225.00) with steroid
  • Can only be done Every 3 Months
Hip Bursa Injection
  • (Bilateral $365.00) with steroid
  • Can only be done Every 3 Months
Occipital Blocks both sides
  • Both Sides with steroid
  • Can only be done Every 3 Months
Kenalog 40 mg IM injection
  • For Pain or Allergies
Toradol 60 mg IM injection
  • For Pain or Migraine

Follow-Up Visit Pricing

Repeat Injection - One Treatment Area
  • Example:
  • Cervical area both sides, Lumbar area both sides
Repeat Injection- Two Treatment Areas
  • Example:
  • Lumbar & Hips/ OR Cervical & Thoracic areas both sides
Repeat Injection - Three Treatment Areas
  • Example:
  • Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar areas both sides
Repeat Injection - Four Treatment Areas
  • Example:
  • Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar & Hips both sides

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